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We are a pioneer Job Portal to deliver information about foreign job opportunities through Nepalese Manpower and other Institutions. We Help to Grow your career abroad in global development and social enterprise with our jobs forum. Provide information and post daily New Jobs related to Social Enterprise Jobs, Jobs Abroad, Global Development Jobs, etc. The available jobs are categorized according to where they belong. We are tasked with the responsibility of finding you a job that matches your requirements. The aim of this portal is to provide updates for All the manpower companies and also questions and solution forums related to the job seekers about employment opportunities from Gulf Countries, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, and many more countries. The job vacancies published here are categorized by company names and the status of the job. Our company acts as a bridge between multinational enterprises and job seekers. Our Core values are the guidelines that have helped us throughout our journey. They dictate our past, present, and future, giving a detail of what we have been, what we are and what we will be.


You can check LT Detail on MInistry of Labour and Employment Department of Foreign Employment Website. If you are thingking about foreign employment, following instruction is important: Always Check the LT detail before applying. Know about the remaining quota before applying. Quota might have been finished. - Know about the status and transaction history of Recruiting Agency and Foreign employer. You may use Google to search for it.

Information Provided by the Department of Foreign Labor:

Please deposit money at the company you have been offered employment at only after receiving a personal visa. Please make sure to collect the voucher. Please note the contact numbers and address of the Nepalese diplomatic offices in that countries where you will be or are being employed. This makes it easy for you to get in touch with them when required. Do not give more cash than stated in this document. It is compulsory to take an orientation training before going abroad for employment. Before heading abroad for employment, please read carefully about the country you will be working in, the company you will be working for and the amenities you will be provided with. Sign on the terms and conditions only after reading it carefully. Please keep a copy of the same with you safely. Please use Nepal’s airport when travelling abroad since there are chances of being conned of you don’t. If you need any more information about this ad, please contact the Department of Foreign Labor, Tahachal.