IT Army Vows to Continue Blockade of Foreign Employment Department Until Demands Are Met

The IT army close to the Aam Janata Party (AJP) has continued to surround the Department of Foreign Employment in Tahachal, Kathmandu for the tenth consecutive day with demonstrations, demanding justice for the victims in the foreign employment sector.

On the ninth day of their sit-in and blockade in front of the Department of Foreign Employment, the protesters raised strong slogans against the government, accusing it of failing to address their demands.

Protests are continuously taking place in front of the Department of Foreign Employment. Despite the demonstrations and blockade against the government and the department, the authorities have remained unresponsive. The protesters have declared that they will continue their agitation until their demands are addressed.

Chandra Bhushan Sah, the president of the IT Army, stated that due to the government’s delay in addressing their demands, the movement will intensify. Despite the intense heat, the protest has been ongoing for nine days, demanding justice for victims in the foreign employment sector. However, Sah remarked that the government has been turning a deaf ear to their pleas.

The IT Army has been staging a blockade and sit-in at the department, demanding the return of illegal fees collected from workers going abroad and the resolution of various issues in the sector. The protesters have warned that their movement will continue until their demands are met.

According to Sah, the demands include the return of illegal fees collected from workers going abroad, action against fraudulent manpower agencies and agents, providing employment to unemployed youth within Nepal, delivering justice to victims of foreign employment, rescuing those stranded abroad, punishing officials sending workers to unsafe jobs, effectively implementing the “free visa, free ticket” policy, and abolishing private manpower agencies so that the state takes responsibility for sending workers abroad. The IT Army had previously submitted an 11-point memorandum to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and the department.

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