Jobs in Paphos, Cyprus

June 22, 2024
57312 / month
Application ends: August 23, 2024
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Job Description

Post :- Domestic Worker | Demand :- 40 Female | Salary Up to :- 57312 | LT No:- 306683 and 306684

Here is the detailed breakdown of the recruitment information for APPS SERVICES PVT. LTD. regarding job opportunities with C & C Private Employment Agency in Cyprus:

General Information:

  • Recruiting Agency: APPS SERVICES PVT. LTD.
    • The agency responsible for recruiting workers.
  • Lt #: 306684 and 306683
    • The license or reference number for the recruitment process.
  • Country: Cyprus
    • The location where the jobs are based.
  • Company: C & C Private Employment Agency
    • The company in Cyprus that is offering these job positions.
  • Approved Date: 2024/06/19
    • The date on which the recruitment was approved.

Job Details:

The table below provides information about the available job position, including the number of vacancies, salary, and other benefits.

S/NJob PositionMale VacanciesFemale VacanciesSalary (EUR)Fooding ProvidedAccommodation ProvidedDuration (Years)Service Charge (NPR)Total Fee (NPR)
1Domestic Worker040400.00YesYes230,00030,000

Key Components Explained:

  • Job Position and Vacancies:
    • The job role available is for Domestic Workers.
    • There are 4 vacancies for females; no vacancies for males.
  • Salary:
    • The monthly salary for the Domestic Worker position is 400 EUR.
  • Fooding and Accommodation:
    • Free fooding and accommodation are provided by the employer.
  • Duration:
    • The duration of the employment contract is 2 years.
  • Service Charge and Total Fee:
    • There is a service charge of 30,000 NPR (Nepalese Rupee).
    • The total fee, which is equal to the service charge, is also 30,000 NPR. This means the candidates have to pay 30,000 NPR to the recruiting agency as the service fee.

This explanation clarifies the job opportunity offered by C & C Private Employment Agency in Cyprus through APPS SERVICES PVT. LTD., outlining the benefits, costs, and conditions for prospective applicants.


Recruiting Agencyapps services
Lt #306684
CompanyC & C Private Employment Agency
Approved Date2024/06/19
SnSkillQualitySalaryFoodingAccommodationDurationService ChargeTotal Fee
1DOMESTIC WORKER020400.00YesYes230000030000