Jobs in Saudi at Hospital Al Jadaani, Jeddah

June 20, 2024
131000 / month
Application ends: August 20, 2024
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Job Description

Post:- Nursing Specialist | Demand :- 10 Female | Salary Up to :- 13313 | LT No:- 306696

Here’s an explanation of the details you’ve provided:

  • Recruiting Agency: ACCESS PARTNERS PVT LTD
  • Lt #: 306696 (likely a reference or tracking number)
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Company: Hospital Al-Jadaani Al-Jadid Medical Jeddah
  • Approved Date: 2024/06/19 (date when the recruitment was approved)
  • Sn (Serial Number): Not explicitly defined in your context, but seems to denote positions or skills required.
  • Skill: Nursing specialist (position/job role)
  • Quantity: 1 (implying one vacancy for a nursing specialist)
  • Quality: 0 (could indicate a rating or qualification level, possibly not relevant here)
  • Salary: 3700.00 (likely monthly salary, in Saudi Riyals)
  • Fooding: Yes (indicates provision of food)
  • Accommodation: Yes (indicates provision of accommodation)
  • Duration: 2 (likely refers to the contract duration in years)
  • Service Charge: 0 (no service charge mentioned)
  • Total Fee: 0 (no total fee mentioned)


  1. Recruitment Details: ACCESS PARTNERS PVT LTD is recruiting a nursing specialist for Hospital Al-Jadaani Al-Jadid Medical Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Terms and Conditions:
    • Salary: 3700.00 Saudi Riyals per month (approx. $986 USD as of current exchange rates).
    • Fooding and Accommodation: Provided by the employer.
    • Duration: The contract duration is 2 years.
    • Service Charge and Total Fee: There’s no service charge or total fee mentioned, which could imply that the recruitment is done without additional costs to the candidate.

This recruitment offer outlines typical details for a nursing specialist position in Saudi Arabia, including salary, benefits (food and accommodation), and contract duration. It appears to be a straightforward offer with no additional fees mentioned, making it potentially attractive for candidates considering working in the medical field in Saudi Arabia.


Lt #306696
CountrySaudi Arabia
CompanyHospital Al-Jadaani Al-Jadid Medical Jeddah
Approved Date2024/06/19
SnSkillQualitySalaryFoodingAccommodationDurationService ChargeTotal Fee
1Nursing specialist0103700.00YesYes2000