Jobs in UAE as a Heavy Truck Driver

June 28, 2024
72640 / month
Application ends: August 28, 2024
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Job Description

Post :- Heavy Truck Driver | Demand :- 20 Male | Salary Up to : – 72640 | LT No :- 289949

Recruiting Agency:

  • DESTINY HUMAN RESOURCE NEPAL PVT. LTD: This is the name of the agency responsible for recruiting candidates for the job.

Lt #:

  • 289949: This is the license number or a specific identifier for the recruiting agency or job listing.


  • UAE: The job location is in the United Arab Emirates.


  • Trukker Prime Transport LLC: The name of the company in the UAE that is hiring the candidates.

Approved Date:

  • 2023/07/26: The date when the job position was approved.

Details of the Job Position:

SnSkillQualitySalaryFoodingAccommodationDurationService ChargeTotal Fee
1HEAVY TRUCK DRIVER3002000.00YesYes20
  • Sn: Serial number of the job position.
  • Skill: The job title or skill required, in this case, “HEAVY TRUCK DRIVER.”
  • Quality: Number of positions available. Here, 30 positions are available for men.
  • Salary: Monthly salary for the position, which is 2000 AED.
  • Fooding: Whether food is provided by the employer. Here, food is provided (“Yes”).
  • Accommodation: Whether accommodation is provided by the employer. Here, accommodation is provided (“Yes”).
  • Duration: The contract duration for the job in years. Here, it is 2 years.
  • Service Charge: Fees charged by the recruiting agency for the service. Here, it is 0.
  • Total Fee: Total fee required, which is 0 in this case.

In summary, DESTINY HUMAN RESOURCE NEPAL PVT. LTD is recruiting 30 male heavy truck drivers for Trukker Prime Transport LLC in the UAE. The job offers a monthly salary of 2000 AED, with food and accommodation provided, for a contract duration of 2 years. There are no service charges or total fees required from the candidates.