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April 24, 2024
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Serbia has a range of visas for foreigners and workers, however the most useful for most foreign workers are generally C visas (for stays of fewer than 90 days) and D visas (for stays of more than 90 days). Workers will also need a work permit to legally work in Serbia.

Types of Work Visas in Serbia

The Serbian government issues a variety of visas to foreign nationals. Types of visas include:

  • Type A visa for airport transit
  • Type B visa for transit
  • Type C visa for short stay
  • Type D visa for temporary residence

Some of your employees may benefit from a Type C visa. This short-stay visa may be granted to individuals who wish to enter Serbia for business purposes, such as conferences or training workshops. The visa can be issued for single, double, or multiple entries into Serbia. Visitors with a Type C visa may not spend more than 90 days in Serbia.

In order to live and work in Serbia on a long-term basis, employees will need to obtain a temporary residence permit as well as a work permit.

Requirements to Obtain Serbia Work Visas

The general requirements to obtain a visa to enter Serbia are as follows:

  • A duly completed visa application form
  • A passport that is valid for a minimum of 90 days after the issuance of the visa
  • A letter of invitation from the potential employer in Serbia
  • Proof of health insurance
  • A passport photo
  • Evidence of sufficient funds or income for staying in Serbia
  • Depending on the duration of the applicant’s stay, an itinerary or a return ticket to leave Serbia
  • Proof of payment of the visa fee

All official documents should be translated into Serbian.

Application Process

In Serbia, the processes of obtaining a work permit and a residence visa are closely tied to each other. The work permit must be secured by the employer. The process is as follows:

  • Before hiring a foreign worker, the employer must ask the National Employment Service (NES) to conduct a labor market test to ensure that there are no eligible Serbian nationals available to fill the position.
  • Within a month, the NES will conduct the test and issue a report to the employer.
  • If the NES finds a suitable candidate for the position, the employer should review the candidate’s qualifications. The employer is not obligated to hire any recommended candidates, but they will need to provide an explanation to the NES if they choose to move forward with a foreign applicant instead.
  • Once the need for a foreign worker is established, the employer may apply for a work permit from their local organization for employment affairs.

The processing time for a work permit may be one to two weeks.

A residence permit must then be obtained from the Serbian Ministry of Interior Affairs. Temporary residence visa applications should be submitted to the Serbian embassy or consulate in the prospective employee’s current country of residence. The applicant will need to provide the required documents listed in the previous section. It is necessary to secure a job offer before applying for a temporary visa for employment purposes.

Once the temporary residence visa and work permit have both been approved, the employee may travel to Serbia and begin working.

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You can check LT Detail on MInistry of Labour and Employment Department of Foreign Employment Website.

If you are thingking about foreign employment, following instruction is important:

- Always Check the LT detail before applying

- Know about the remaining quota before applying. Quota might have been finished.

- Know about the status and transaction history of Recruiting Agency and Foreign employer. You may use Google to search for it.

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Information Provided by the Department of Foreign Labor:

Please deposit money at the company you have been offered employment at only after receiving a personal visa.
Please make sure to collect the voucher.
Please note the contact numbers and address of the Nepalese diplomatic offices in that countries where you
will be or are being employed. This makes it easy for you to get in touch with them when required.
Do not give more cash than stated in this document.
It is compulsory to take an orientation training before going abroad for employment.
Before heading abroad for employment, please read carefully about the country you will be working in, the company you will be working for and the amenities you will be provided with. Sign on the terms and conditions only after reading it carefully. Please keep a copy of the same with you safely.
Please use Nepal’s airport when travelling abroad since there are chances of being conned of you don’t.
If you need any more information about this ad, please contact the Department of Foreign Labor, Tahachal.