Qatar will take Nepali workers for the World Cup

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has given permission to take Nepali workers for the World Cup football tournament which will start in Qatar from November 2022. During the competition, various companies in Qatar wanted to hire Nepali workers for a short period of time, so the ministry gave permission.

The Qatari employer informed the embassy that he wanted to bring Nepali workers for the World Cup. The embassy wrote a letter to the Ministry of Labor as soon as it received information about the labor demand. With the decision of the ministry, the embassy will verify the demands brought by the employers who are willing to take workers for a short period of time.

The government will allow the related companies to take workers at zero cost. The employer has to bear all the expenses incurred in the recruitment process including the two-way air tickets of the workers. The working period of such workers in Qatar will be less than six months. Apart from the manpower company, the ministry said that those who want to go for short-term employment as individuals, even if they bring a visa and get a work permit, they will be granted a work permit.

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